Thursday, October 1, 2009


24 markers - out of 118 markers - Demarcation stones - Bornes du Front - Demarcatiepalen - erected between 1921 and 1926 - have dissapeared over the years.

In recent years a number of markers have been moved, maintained, saved, found, etc ...

Which is a good thing ... eversince I started this project (War Relics Archives in 1988) there are more markers to be found on the Western Front ... nowadays people "talk" about the markers, more than ever.

Perhaps the time has come to UNDERTAKE ACTION and to start REPLACING the lost markers. If You want more information on this project, if You want to participate, if You want to sponsor, if You have suggestions, whatever ... please do contact me.

Rik Scherpenberg
War Relics Archives
Ribbon of Stone, Lint van Steen, Ruban de Pierre
St Servaasstraat 19/1
B 3700 Tongeren

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