Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Demarcation Stones - Bornes du Front - Demarcatiepalen

In 1920 Paul Moreau-Vauthier (1871-1936), French Sculptor, "invented" the demarcation stone. Between 1921 and 1927 "118" (and NOT "119" as many claim) similar ( in Belgium - in France) monuments were erected (by the French and Belgian Touring Clubs - "Touring Club de France" + "Touring Club de Belgique" + "YPRES-LEAGUE") over a frontline that covers 650 kilometers, From the Belgian coast to the Suisse border. 24 such markers have been destroyed (3 in Belgium, 21 in FRance), mostly during WW2. Today, some are maintained well ...

In 1929 (N° 119 at Confrécourt) and in 1930 (N° 120 at Cité de Quessy) "2" more markers were added to the series. And there is a copy of a marker (N° 121) at the "MEMORIAL de VERDUN" at FLEURY-DEVANT-DOUAUMONT. The original marker (N° 000), presented in 1920 at the "Salon des Artistes et Décorateurs" is still in front of Paul Moreau-Vauthiers workshop at BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT (Paris). This marker is, as we speak, in a worshop for repairs and will be put on display, early next year, in the garden at Paul Moreau-Vauthiers house at Boulogne Billancourt. After the 2nd WW the Belgian Touring Club (Touring Club de Belgique) erected another 26 markers to show where ("Here the invader was brought to a standstill")-("Ici fut arreté l'envahisseur") during the "Battle of the Bulge" in the winter of 1944-1945. One marker (at Bastogne) was lost in recent years.

As we speak i'm writing a book on those demarcation stones WW1 and WW2.
If you have, or want, any information, please mail me
The idea is to "S H A R E" information ...

There are a number of websites and blogs where there is information to be found on the subject of the demarcation stones ... But mostly they are not correct (incomplete is another thing). 20 years in the field has to stand for something. I want to "S H A R E" that information ...BUT even after all these years I CAN LEARN something from YOU sharing information ... It can be found HERE and is meant for EVERYBODY.All markers can be found at this other modest website of me ...

In 2002-2004 Sanny Sedeyn and I made 3 interactive CD-Roms telling the story of the "Demarcation Stones" and "The Liberation Routes".

Last weekend (Sunday 27 september 2009) I (visited) located this marker at CLERMONT-SUR-BERWINNE (near Liège, Luik, Luttich, in Belgium). Was the sculptor - FREDERIC THOMSON - inspired by Paul Moreau-Vauthiers "DEMARCATION STONES"-"BORNES DU FRONT" ? Or by Gaston Deblaize's markers of the "VOIE SACREE" ? Why don't we ask him ...



  2. I am looking for a photo of demarcation post nr 9 in Vaux-Devant-Damloup, in France.