Thursday, October 1, 2009


Two of the most asked questions are :
"Where are the markers to be found ?
"How many are still in place" ?
This little website - WRA website - is a first guide to locate the markers.
I will add A.S.A.P current lists with GPS coordinats ...

If You want to learn MORE about the markers, I still have a number of CD-Roms Sanny and I develloped in 2003-2004 ... The data has always been updated ! You can get them for FREE.
They contain about 3.000 pictures and lots and lots of information ...
The CD-Rom is for FREE, You just have to pay P&P

The picture was taken on July 21st, 2005, we were cleaning and painting the marker at la Ferté-Milon.

If You are interested, please contact me at

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